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Parata and TCGRx - Solutions to Improve Medication Adherence and Drive Long-Term Revenue

Company Background 

TCGRx and Parata have combined to create the new industry leader focused on providing pharmacy technology solutions to support business growth, better health outcomes, and lower medical costs. Joined in 2018 as Parata Systems, the company offers the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio with pouch and blister medication adherence packaging, high-speed automated robotic dispensing technologies, and pharmacy workflow solutions. Discover how we’re better together at and 

Product Overview

 Improve Medication Adherence 

Simplify adherence for your patients and take the guess work out of when they need to take their medications. With a medication adherence program, synchronize daily medications into med pass times improving compliance, outcomes, and readmission rates. Once patients experience the ease and efficiency of adherence packaging, vials and scattered refills are replaced with patient loyalty and long-term revenue. We’re proud to offer the most extensive adherence packaging solutions – for both pouch and blister – with inspection and workflow additions to support your growth. 

Stand-Out Solutions:

 • SmartCardRx™ 

• ATP® 2 

• ATP® Mini 

• InspectRx® 

• Parata Perl® Pouch Inspector 

Drive Efficiencies to Impact Bottom Line 

We’re serious about pharmacy efficiency. That’s why we’ve taken best practices and real-world research – with more than a little feedback from pharmacists – to craft cost and space-saving strategies to drive efficiency and impact the bottom line. Your pharmacy’s inventory is its largest investment. Why not gain visibility and control of inventory to manage costs and offset increasing expenses of higher drug prices and specialty pharmaceuticals? Our solutions can reduce inventory carrying costs by more than 30% and expired medications by 80% – all while increasing inventory turns. The addition of our inventory management, enterprise software, light-guided high-density storage, and will call solutions allow for greater visibility and can help consolidate your pharmacy’s footprint by more than 50%. 

Smooth Solutions: 

• SpotLight™ Will Call System 

• Parata Pivot® Workflow Software 

• Beacon® Inventory Management System 

Enhance Patient Experience and Access 

Everybody loves when you can make things easier for them – patients and employees are no exception. Expand your reach beyond the pharmacy counter and hours of operation without the traditional overhead costs with WellSpot™, our remote prescription pickup locker. Provide 24/7 prescription access for late discharge patients and all shifts of employees. Improve transition of care and help increase script capture – all without increasing your physical pharmacy store hours. 

Convenient Solutions:

• WellSpot™ Prescription Pick-Up Locker 

Ensure Safety, Accuracy, and Efficiency 

You get the fastest counting technology in the market automating 50- 60% of oral solids and helping your team delight customers with timely service and a personal touch. We’re proud to offer the premier line of high-speed automation solutions to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency in every pharmacy setting. We make it – and make it better – because we’re driven to free your time so you can do what you do best – support your patients and lead your team. 

Leading Solutions:

• Parata Max®

• Parata Mini® 

Optimize Your Operations 

Continually improve efficiency with our data wizards. We use the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather and interpret data from your pharmacy solutions. Our experts can work with you to analyze the story your data tells and optimize your pharmacy’s operations and business. 

Prominent Solutions:

• PharmAlytics™

• Parata Pulse™ 

Count On Support

 Our customers love our technology, but that’s not the only reason they choose us as a partner. Our in-house experts offer a wealth of experience – and we’re with you every step of the way. When you choose Parata automation, you have our support from signing the contract through maximizing your technology to grow your business. We have more than 25 years of experience with the best industrial engineers in pharmacy, and we‘re ready to put that expertise to work by offering pharmacy design services whether it’s a new build, remodel, or optimization project. 

Helpful Solutions:

• Parata Performance Services

• Parata Consulting 

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