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PharMEDium | Start Benefiting from Ready-to-Use CSPs [Video]

Start Benefiting from Ready-to-Use CSPs. 

Raise the bar with PharMEDium prefilled syringes. Our enhanced labeling helps to promote differentiation and clear readability of drug name, volume and concentration to help clinicians dispense and administer the right medication. To augment patient safety and quality, batch-level release testing for sterility, endotoxins and potency is performed on 100% of PharMEDium Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs). No other compounder serves pharmacists, clinicians and patients like PharMEDium—the long-standing leader in outsourced CSPs.

Why prefilled, pre-labeled syringes? 

• Enhanced Safety 

• Optimal Productivity 

• Increased Satisfaction 

• Better Compliance 

• Less Waste 

• Best Use of Resources 

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