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Pharmacy for the 21st Century

Pharmacy for the 21st Century 

24-hour Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk

Now there's a great new way to offer better service to your customers. MedAvail's 24-hour self-serve pharmacy kiosks promise fast, easy and convenient access to medications. All your customers have to do is visit their nearest self-serve pharmacy kiosk to pick up their medications- it's that simple. Video conferencing provides instant consultation with a live on-screen pharmacist. It's a safe, secure service accessible 24 hours, anytime, anywhere. That's good news for their health and your business. 

The opportunities and rewards are endless

Client-branded kiosk. Reach new markets. Extend hours of operation. Improve customer service. Leverage existing resources and infrastructure. 

Let's talk! Visit us at NACDS 2018 booth #4144

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