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Substantially Reduce Your Cost and Risk of Carrying Narcotics [Video]

Substantially Reduce Your Cost and Risk of Carrying Narcotics

Scripps Safe is the industry leader in DEA Compliant pharmacy and narcotics safes for small chain Pharmacies with multiple locations. We provide low-cost solutions to centrally monitor and control your onsite narcotics. Our products and software integrate with most current workflows seamlessly. Contact us today for a customized consultation! 

"We want a secure, accountable and compliant narcotics control solution for our eight pharmacies with centralized management and analytics oversight. Scripps Safe worked tirelessly to develop a budget-minded solution that worked with our infrastructure system." - JD Faulkner, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy

"Hurricane Michael completely destroyed our independent pharmacy in Panama City, FL. Our pharmacy safe was rendered inoperable preventing us from serving a devastated community. When we called Scripps Safe for help, they replaced all the broken parts free of charge." - Laura Gould, RPh, Partner, Rx Express Pharmacy 

"After a couple burglaries, we knew it was time to properly secure our narcotics inventory. Scripps Safe provided us a secure, low-cost solution with simple to use software and analytics.  Having any worries about drug diversion is now a thing of the past." - Rick Ellis, RPh, Owner, Medicine Shoppe 1072 | 844-4safe-rx (472-3379) |


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