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QS/1’s PrimeCare improves efficiency and profitability for LTC pharmacies serving skilled-nursing, mental-health, and assisted-living facilities. Pharmacies can customize workflow, billing, and other functions. Our Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard monitors processing queues to alert you to potential bottlenecks. WebConnect® provides LTC facility staff with secure access to view patient profiles, order refills, maintain ancillary orders, access clinical information, and print MARs from anywhere in the facility using a workstation or mobile device. PrimeCare contains frequently used forms, including physician orders, medication administration, and psychotropic medication. It also includes vast reporting tools that fully complement printing of medical record forms. You can develop master lists of approved therapeutic interchanges and assign them to specific facilities. Fill Lists streamline cycle filling and billing. Our hundreds of ready-made interfaces, including most eMARs, document management and packaging systems, use industry standards such as HL7, XML, web services, and NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6. PrimeCare integrates with QS/1’s Multi-Site Management (MSM™) for consistency among multiple pharmacy sites. Medicare Part B billing is also available with the HME Document Management module, and point-of-sale (POS) and IVR can be integrated for community pharmacy customers.



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