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Packaging Options for Improved Adherence

Packaging Options for Improved Adherence

Parata and TCGRx have combined as Parata Systems to bring you the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio. Check out how many choices you have from one great partner. The ATP® Series are high-speed packaging systems that are scalable from 64 to 480 canisters. AutoSense™ Canisters provide users with the ability to expand their automated formulary with an infinite solution when used in conjunction with our SmartTrayRx™ lighted tray system, offering a total closed-loop solution for dispensing both canister and non-formulary medications. Graphic printing allows you to customize your AdherePac™ pouches to simplify medication administration. Unit dose packages can be produced in wide short formats or narrow formats to fit the needs of dispensing cabinets, ADUs, cart fills, or e-kits. Revolutionize medication administration and improve patient adherence and outcomes with Parata PASS 208® and PASS 576VP® Pouch Packagers. Improve your operational efficiency with Parata Perl® Pouch Inspector. Take the uncertainty out of managing one-off medications, over-the-counter drugs, half tabs, and slow movers by automating the preparation of the special tablet system trays with Parata PASS Safe Loader®. Our PASS Ware® makes it easy to prepare medication packs and interfaces with more than 100 pharmacy host systems.

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