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Robotik Technology Partners With Your Pharmacy to Build a Healthy Future

Robotik Technology Partners With Your Pharmacy to Build a Healthy Future

From the very beginning, we created Robotik Technology to offer a manual dose preparation solution system for pharmacies in the French marketplace. Leading the marketplace with innovation on dose preparation solutions has become our passion and our goal. In addition to the French market, we have offered solutions in Europe, Asia, and now the Americas. Building on this success, in 1999, we created our R & D department to continue to provide more in-depth solutions. We combined technological flexibility and regulatory compliance; our quality system and project methodology continue to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions. This methodology is based on an interactive approach that promotes responsiveness and collaboration with our clients. Robotik Technology offers the ideal system for making multi-dose blister cards or dose bags (pouches) with integrated fractional tablet management: security, traceability, and efficiency. Our latest technology offering is the Blisterpack dose robot designed to use a wide range of blister card material types. This is the first robotic blister card solution that can be configured for either multi-dose or single-dose dispensing. Combining performance, reliability, and ease of use, our robot’s range is complete and tailored to meet your needs. Let Robotik Technology partner with your pharmacy to build a healthy future together!


Robotik Technology U.S.A.

8400 Esters Building, Suite 140

Irving, TX 75063

PHONE: 469-586-5148

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