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TCGRx is a Partner You Can Trust for All of Your Pharmacy Solutions

Company Background 

TCGRx is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation and pharmacy design services. Our solutions range from individual components to address specific issues to complete pharmacy design. TCGRx has an experienced staff and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and reliable products that can be used, improved, and scaled for decades to come. 

Product Overview 

The ATP® 2 Automated Tablet Packager is the most versatile industry-leading oral solid packager on the market. Engineered to provide improved performance, reliability, and flexibility. The ATP 2 is available in a wide variety of sizes and is expandable for future growth or business needs from 64 to 480 medication canisters. When combined with AutoSense™ smart canister technology and ½ tab canister dispensing, the ATP 2 has a limitless formulary capacity. Equipped with a dual tray system, you can now continuously run your ATP 2 without interruptions, making adherence packaging practical for any pharmacy. The ATP 2 facilitates both unit dose and multi-med packaging with multiple sizes, and can include color indicators to signify proper pass time. Also various images and logos gives you maximum flexibility. The ATP 2 integrates with the comprehensive suite of pharmacy solutions offered by TCGRx, including a fully automated image verification system (InspectRx), an automated collation system (Collect™), an automatic tablet splitter (BullsEye®), high-density storage with HDStock™, and Beacon® Inventory Management. 

Additional Product Lines 


InspectRx gives pharmacies the confidence of knowing that their AdherePac™ pouches are accurate while increasing the throughput of the checking process. Pills are verified by identifying 12 physical characteristics and highlighting potential issues for pharmacists. Pharmacies can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source with an archived database of the front and back image of each AdherePac scanned. 

Blister Card Consumables 

TCGRx now offers a full line of blister card, punch card, and bingo card consumables. We provide unit dose cards and blisters in a wide range of sizes and doses including 28-, 30-, 31-, 32-, 60-, and 90-day formats. We also have control cards and a full line of multi-medication cards suited for any patient or facility need. 

Markets Served 

• Independent Retail 

• Retail Chain 

• Hospital — Inpatient 

• Hospital — Outpatient 

• Central Fill • Specialty

• Long-Term Care

• Nutraceuticals 

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