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Snap-N-Go® and Dilute-N-Go® From Pentec Health Speed and Simplify In-House Compounding [VIDEO]

Snap-N-Go® and Dilute-N-Go® From Pentec Health Speed and Simplify In-House Compounding

We deliver the efficiency and safety of single-dose medications with the automation of critical processes and the quality controls of pharmaceutical manufacturers. This means minimizing waste, maximizing time and inventory, and the ability to deliver precise medications on demand.

Company Background

Pentec Health’s 503B sterile compounding division combines validated automation and process quality controls to make concentrated, single-dose products you can trust. We offer the peace of mind of a manufacturer with the efficiency of an outsourcing provider – enabling safe, accurate medication, when it’s needed, where it’s needed, the way it’s needed. Less waste means greater value. Our dedication to quality and patient safety spans over 35 years in the patient-specific space as a leading provider of renal nutrition for dialysis patients and intrathecal pump management for those with chronic pain or spasticity. Our exceptional service in these industries naturally expanded into non-patient-specific compounding as the need for a trusted, innovative provider in this area became more apparent.

Our Snap-N-Go® and Dilute-N-Go® products reduce the time it takes for pharmacists, technicians, and nurses to internally compound and administer drugs by reducing the majority of manual error-prone steps. Pentec Health’s sterile compounding solutions enable hospital pharmacies to combine the control of insourcing with the flexibility of outsourcing. Snap-N-Go and Dilute-N-Go make compounding safer, faster, and more precise while helping pharmacy and nursing staffs maintain control of patient-administered medications.

Product Specifications

Snap-N-Go and Dilute-N-Go products are concentrated, sterile solutions that come in single-dose vials or syringes, respectively. When introduced into a diluent bag of choice, each vial or syringe delivers a precise dose or desired concentration that is not available commercially. In the forward positions, Snap-N-Go vials can be stored in automated dispensing machines (ADMs) for rapid retrieval, dose-tracking, and subsequent administration to a patient by a nurse utilizing a standard vial-to-bag adaptor/activation process. For added safety, each Snap-N-Go vial and Dilute-N-Go syringe is barcoded and includes GS1 barcode for track and trace capabilities and Tallman lettering to distinguish sound-alike, look-alike drugs from one another to prevent medication errors. Multiple safety warnings indicating the need for dilution are included on packaging and safety seals placed over each Dilute-N-Go syringe cap. Additionally, we proactively provide a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Conformity detailing each product’s purity, potency, sterility, and stability upon receipt of the product.


“Pentec offers the same benefits of buying from a manufacturer, but in single-dose solutions. It’s pretty powerful. I had never seen anything like that.” — Staff Pharmacist, Southeast U.S.

“Pentec having the product in stock allows our pharmacy to go from the villain to the hero.” — Pharmacy Director, Northwest U.S.

“Pentec Health meets a lot of my needs, providing a reliable and safe product.” — Pharmacy Director, Northeast U.S.

Awards & Recognition

Snap-N-Go and Dilute-N-Go have received the following accolades:

-Winner 2016: Marcum – Innovator of the Year

-Finalist 2017: HealthTrust Innovation Summit – Innovation of the Year

-Finalist 2018: Process Excellence Network Awards – Best Project Contributing to Customer Excellence

-Finalist 2018 and Nominee 2017: Premier GPO – Innovation of the Year

Ordering Information

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