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QS/1® – Filling Your Pharmacy Software Needs

QS/1® – Filling Your Pharmacy Software Needs

Empowering community pharmacies to improve the health and well-being of their patients and communities.

Company Background

QS/1 is the leader in pharmacy management systems, with expertise that spans more than 40 years. Our software solutions help community, multi-location, and outpatient pharmacies and HME businesses remain relevant and profitable. QS/1 is the only vendor with an integrated suite of solutions, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile and delivery apps, prescription synchronization, eCare Plans, and HME billing and compliance. We also offer the industry’s only 24/7 emergency customer support. QS/1 is a part of Smith Technologies®, LLC, a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation®, one of the largest privately held companies in South Carolina.

Product Overview

America’s most trusted pharmacy management solution is where competitive pharmacies turn to improve patient health and drive profitability. Our solutions bring the entire pharmacy together to deftly manage everything from patient-health outcomes to DIR fees, 340B, and more. QS/1 provides hundreds of ready-made interfaces to aid daily productivity, including EHRs/eMARs, dispensing systems, adherence packaging, document management, and more. QS/1 provides several tools to improve patient adherence and customer satisfaction, including prescription synchronization, IVR, mobile refill apps, web refills, and automated refill reminders. Our Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard improves workflow and reduces bottlenecks by tracking refills, voicemails, error resolution, and quality assurance. Our systems are scalable, allowing you to add modules such as accounts receivable, document management, nursing home, and advanced reporting, as needed. Our solutions fully integrate with other QS/1 systems, including Point-of-Sale, SystemOne® for HME, IVR, and Multi-Site Management (MSM™). Our community pharmacy solutions include:

-NRx®: A proven, front-to-back pharmacy management solution.

-SharpRx®: Intuitive, affordable pharmacy management.

Features & Options

-eCare Plans and MTM: Built-in tools allow pharmacists to create and send patient health information to other healthcare providers to improve overall health outcomes. Outcome features like the Patient Chart document immunizations and monitor lab values.

-Adherence (Medication Synchronization, Refill Reminders, and Packaging): Fully integrated synchronization tools help patients adhere to their medication regimens; CycleRx calculates the prescription short-fill amount; Health-Minder® creates a refill reminder program; and the Tickler alerts staff that refills are due. Interfaces with multiple adherence packaging vendors also allow pharmacists to help patients take the right meds at the right time.

-Workflow: Segments the prescription filling process to maximize resources and improve efficiency and productivity.

-Pharmacy at a Glance: Dashboard displays all prescription processing queue activities in real time.

-Delivery: Provides a competitive advantage by offering patient convenience, which drives loyalty. Delivery can increase adherence and improve efficiency, too.

-Immunizations: Create and bill directly in the software and print or fax notifications to physicians. Plus, submit immunizations to state registries.

-Nursing Home: Easy-to-use tools tailored specifically to help community pharmacies support the unique needs of small-scale long-term care facilities.


“ It’s just simply amazing to think about all the things QS/1 has helped us change through the years.” — Michelle Farrell, owner and pharmacy manager, Boscobel Pharmacy

“ If someone were to ask me if they should switch to QS/1, I would say absolutely yes.” — Jenny Hawse, pharmacy coordinator, Four Seasons Pharmacy

Additional Product Modules

-Point-of-Sale: Integrated storewide solution that manages inventory and drives profits.

-IVR: Allows patients to call in refill requests when it’s most convenient for them. Available for single or multiple locations.

-mobileRx®: Smartphone app for iPhone® and Android™ devices that allows patients to quickly order refills, view their profiles, and set reminders to take their medications.

-HME Part B Documentation: Serve Medicare Part B customers’ needs while keeping the documentation required for an audit.

-Remote Checkout®: Mobile tablet, barcode scanner, and magstripe card reader take your system anywhere. Add a bluetooth printer and print receipts at a hospital bedside or any point of delivery.

-RetrieveRx®: Will-call storage and retrieval system helps to eliminate the clutter and guesswork of storing and locating filled prescriptions.

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