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The Girish GPO | Your New Source for Generic OTC and Pharma Products [Video]


Company Background 

The Girish GPO and its affiliate, Glenview Pharma, are the culmination of founder Girish Ray’s 30+ years of experience and his understanding of the generic drug distribution and manufacturing industry (Rx and OTC). As he navigated the industry, Girish came to realize that small, independent pharmacies are increasingly being taken advantage of by insurance companies, competitors, chains, and drug wholesalers. Girish GPO was born from Girish’s vision to provide a platform which could leverage bulk buying of generic drug products and support the 25,000 independent pharmacies nationwide through a unique virtual distributor network, powered by technology and independent localized funding. 

Product Overview

Glenview Pharma Inc. is a private label distributor and manufacturer of generic drug products based in Chicago, IL, with nationwide coverage. Through our virtual distributor network and manufacturing capabilities, Glenview Pharma can successfully sell products to wholesalers, HMOs, GPOs, buying groups, federal, state and local government agencies, retail chains, and independent pharmacies. We have the ability to service and support each customer and reach all distribution channel segments within the industry. We have built a professional, resourceful, personable, and highly ethical reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. As one of the trusted private label distributors and manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals in the United States, we work directly with a range of reliable and ethical manufacturers in the USA, India, and China, as well as other countries around the globe. 

Product Specifications

 Glenview Pharma will carry a full line of Rx and OTC generics at very competitive prices. Our Girish GPO members will be able to shop and order them through our custom online portal. 

Key Customers

 A major part of The Girish GPO’s commitment to the independent pharmacy industry is our national level of legal and financial support for legislative activities. Our member group of industry advocates will be instrumental in creating positive change for independent pharmacy. 

Markets Served 

The Girish GPO will have independent pharmacy members in all 50 states. Through membership in our GPO, our members will have the opportunity to buy product through Glenview Pharma and our virtual distributor network. 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

The Girish GPO will have a presence at most of the national trade shows and our virtual distributors will be active in local and regional independent pharmacy activities. 

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