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Drive-Thru Done Right with Bavis

Even before COVID-19, customer need existed for pharmacies and other businesses to offer and bolster their safe, no-touch delivery methods. However, the pandemic has put this need on a whole new level. Moreover, many stores need this technological service to survive and thrive. Vendors, such as Bavis Drive-Thru, have and continue to ramp up production due to increased demand and equipment that support heightened customer service and safety requirements. 

Bavis Drive-Thru is a full-service vendor for the entire drive-thru experience and environment including: pharmacy windows, lane lights, transaction drawers, and other pneumatic and patented pneumatic and non-pneumatic drive-thru solutions that address specific needs of customers.

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Drive-thru technology offers elderly individuals, pregnant women, sick/disabled people, or parents with children the flexibility to receive medication in the comfort of their automobile. Importantly, the drive-thru experience also maintains the ability to offer confidential conversation and counsel between customer and pharmacist, providing convenience and customer service.

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