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How Datarithm’s Inventory Management Works

How Datarithm’s Inventory Management Works


Using our proprietary forecasting tool, reorder points are automatically reset for every item, every month based on changes in dispensing patterns and management/owner preferences. Datarithm® then attacks surplus and dead stock through return to wholesaler and store-to-store transfers recommendations (for multiple locations). Our cycle counting tool will assure the consistent accuracy of your on-hand inventory. Plus, with our advanced analytics, Datarithm® provides insights on inventory trends, movement, opportunities, costs, customer service, and task completion by pharmacy staff.

Our process is simple:

-Step 1: Forecast usage; apply your settings.

-Step 2: Reset order points to meet demand.

-Step 3: Identify surplus and advise.

How does the Datarithm® system work?

-Historical dispensing data is collected through bi-directional data interfaces with leading Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS).

-Dispensing history is then parsed with advanced proprietary algorithms and trend analysis to produce the demand forecast for each inventory item or generically equivalent group.

-Every month, Forecasted demand is then paired with customizable, flexible system settings to determine optimal reorder points for each item/group for automatic upload to your PMS via the interface.

Flawless Synergy

Datarithm® has built a configurable automated system that meshes seamlessly with major pharmacy management software.

-The complete product suite will address your needs today and in the future.

-Your current technology works more efficiently for you without need of upgrade or alteration.

-Current management systems are optimized to better manage your largest investment and biggest expense, your pharmacy inventory.

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