Nov 13, 2014

Integra Announces Initial Feature List for DocuTrack 6

Anacortes, WA – Integra is pleased to announce DocuTrack Version 6.0, scheduled for general release in 2015. DocuTrack 6.0 offers many new features, driven from customer requests and input, and provides an elevated level of functionality. The feature list is still being solidified, but below is a glance at what users can expect from this new version:

  • Refill Highlighting: Refills now change color based on the return status from the pharmacy system. This visual indicator will instantly allow users to see which barcodes need attention.
  • Logix Macro Support: Activate Logix functions from buttons within DocuTrack, e.g., a “send fax” macro can auto-populate associated patient data and send faxes such as drug substitution requests.
  • Document Footers: Enhanced footers show received date, time, and source, giving proof of receipt.
  • Enhanced Fax Auditing: Audit history now shows if a fax was successfully received or failed at the facility. This will provide users the actual time received, not simply when a fax was sent.
  • Stapling Enhancements: Stapled documents can now be found by any pages’ received date or source.
  • Compression for Backups: Backups can now be compressed before transfer, greatly reducing disk space usage.

“Our focus with DocuTrack 6.0 has been Logix integration and the addition of features and functionality most requested by our customers,” said DocuTrack Product Director, Louie Foster. “Logix is our fastest selling product to-date and we are vigorously working on its integration with DocuTrack to bring our pharmacies additional business automation options.”

“The features stated above are only some of the additions to DocuTrack 6.0,” said Foster. “We are in the process of flushing out a complete feature list and intend to add even more functionality before the 2015 release.”

Expected availability for DocuTrack 6.0 is slated for early 2015.  Windows Server 2008 R2 or above will be required to upgrade to DocuTrack 6.0. This proves timely for customers as Microsoft has announced End-of-Life for Windows Server 2003 R2 operating system in July 2015.

Updated information on features and release date will be announced as it becomes available. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative at (866) 257-4279 or email



Over 600 pharmacies experience reduced costs, higher productivity and profits, better customer service, and improved compliance with Integra’s suite of pharmacy software solutions. Nextra is the fastest, most integrated Pharmacy System in the institutional care market, providing decreased error rates and consistent, reliable performance. Logix is business process automation software that lets pharmacies automate repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks. DocuTrack is a superior workflow and document management system that automates paper, fax, and electronic processing. DeliveryTrack manages delivery processes with electronic signature capture, real-time delivery data, and route optimization. For more information, contact Sales at (866) 257-4279 or visit


CONTACT: Integra, Inc. - Kirsten Henry, 360-588-0574 

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