Oct 10, 2012

Kirby Lester's Latest Innovation: KL1Plus streamlined counting plus verification

Lake Forest, IL (October 10, 2011) – Kirby Lester, LLC, the leading pharmacy automation provider, is launching its newest innovation: the KL1Plus.  Combining the best-selling KL1 tablet counter with streamlined verification software, the KL1Plus is all a retail/outpatient pharmacy needs to count medications while safeguarding against errors.

Kirby Lester will introduce the KL1Plus counting plus verification device at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and Department of Defense Joint Forces Pharmacy Services annual conventions in San Diego, CA in October.  

Based on Kirby Lester’s blockbuster KL1 tablet counter, the KL1Plus is small enough to fit into your hand, but it delivers so much value and peace of mind.  The KL1Plus ensures that all pharmacy orders (tablets, capsules and unit-of-use items) are verified so the patient receives the right medication, dosage and quantity every time. The pharmacy technician simply barcode-scans the patient’s Rx label, then scans the corresponding stock bottle or package to ensure there is a match.

“There is absolutely no reason why a pharmacy can’t afford to verify 100% of orders now that the KL1Plus has been developed,” says Kirby Lester President and CEO Garry Zage, R.Ph. “Pharmacies across the country have incorporated the KL1 into their operations. Now they can use the KL1 plus verification. It is a top-tier product that pharmacies have never seen before … the complete package.”

This clever combination of accurate counting plus easy verification sets the KL1Plus apart: it hits the “sweet spot” for pharmacies that want more than just a tablet counter, but less than fully loaded dispensing software or robotics. At just 8 pounds and 7” wide, the KL1Plus will fit into any tight pharmacy workspace and budget.  And using the KL1Plus to count and verify every prescription is simple; in fact, dispensing and verifying an order with a KL1Plus is faster than just counting with an old-fashioned tray and spatula. The KL1Plus is especially effective for large 90-day fills.

“Workflow software in most cases prevents dispensing errors.  But too often the software is difficult to use, or prohibitively expensive to install, which results in productivity losses.  The KL1Plus brings error-prevention with productivity enhancements that any pharmacy can afford, at any prescription volume,” says Zage.

The new KL1Plus is the culmination of Kirby Lester’s 41 years of expertise in counting accuracy and error prevention.  The KL1Plus is the sixth new product launch in six years from Kirby Lester, and it further expands Kirby Lester’s impressive line of pharmacy automation. Regardless of a pharmacy’s unique dispensing needs, there is a perfect device from Kirby Lester, from fast tabletop counting to robotic dispensing.

The KL1Plus’ unique features include:

  • Compact design (just 7”W x 12”D x 13”H and 8 lbs.)
  • Onscreen drug images
  • Software safeguards against dispensing errors
  • Bright 5” touch screen and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Operate stand-alone, or connected to your pharmacy’s computer system for real-time data exchange
  • Order archiving, with any past prescription easily retrieved
  • Network multiple KL1Plus devices in a pharmacy
  • Switch from KL1Plus to KL1 mode
  • Simple cleaning with on-screen instructional videos
  • Inventory mode: keeps count when the tray is being emptied
  • Ergonomically designed tray with left/right pouring
  • Fast operation (15-18 tablets/second)
  • No calibration needed; counts any size tablet or capsule up to 22mm long
  • Patented counting technology inside allows the KL1Plus to count tablets much faster and more accurately than any competing technology

About Kirby Lester
Kirby Lester is by far the world’s leading pharmacy automation provider.  Established in 1971, Kirby Lester maintains the largest market share of automatic tablet/capsule counter sales in the United States, plus 40 other countries.  More Kirby Lester counters are used to dispense prescriptions in retail, mail order, hospital and long-term care pharmacies and manufacturing facilities than all other automated dispensing systems combined; over 40,000 pharmacies worldwide rely on Kirby Lester for their counting needs…exactly!  For more information, contact Kirby Lester at 847.984.3377 or www.kirbylester.com.

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