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VistaPharm is dedicated to delivering high quality medicines to improve patient’s health

VistaPharm is the leading liquid Unit Dose supplier in the United States. Hospitals and all other Class of Trades use our XACTDOSE unit dose line trusting in safety, accuracy and efficiency benefits associated with the XACTDOSE brand. XACTDOSE products are barcoded, contain the exact dose for administration to the patient, fit easily into automated dispensing cabinet systems like Pyxis™ and Omnicell®, carry redundant labeling features, are easy to handle, and typically have a long shelf life. Our XACTDOSE products remove the time-consuming dosing of medication that may occur by performing the function at the facility, as well as issues like mislabeling or misdosing. Convert your facility to VistaPharm XACTDOSE Unit Dose liquids, reduce the risk, and increase convenience.


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