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Healthcare budgets are under greater pressure every year, as people live longer and treatments become more costly, while available funds simply cannot keep pace with rising demand. The number of people living with long-term conditions keeps growing and every health service has to face the same challenge: how to give patients the support and guidance they need while making the most efficient use of expensive resources?

VMI Care’s Automated Dose Packaging System automatically sorts patient medication into easy-to-use and carry pouch packs, containing precisely the right medication for each “intake moment” during the day, usually for a week or a fortnight. The risk of a patient taking the wrong medication combination or at the wrong intake moment is absolutely minimized. Pouch packs are unique in offering the optimum combination of patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and convenience, both for carers and for patients. This reduces the cost of medicine distribution, provides maximum efficiency, and a virtually error-free process. Most of all, it gives you more time to care for your patients.

VMI Care’s Automated Dose Packaging System

As in many other areas, automation is the key to providing a breakthrough in performance. Basic machines have been used in many countries already to help simplify and speed up the packaging processes. VMI Care enables a true step-change in quality, speed, cost, and above all accuracy through its Automated Dose Packaging System.

The system produces pouch packs in an almost entirely automated way, cutting out most of the repetitive manual work now performed by skilled personnel. The automated optical system checks that the right medicines are packed in the right quantities and also produces a permanent, digital record of everything that happens during the production process.

The VMI Care systems have been proven to cut the rate of errors to almost zero. This reduces health risks to patients and business risks to pharmacists by providing clear and complete compliance.

At VMI Care, we have supported some of Europe’s largest community pharmacies with the transition to digital dispensing. Benefits they have seen include:

-Breaking the link between growing Rx volumes and increased staff and premises

-Substantially improving patient safety with clearer accountabilities and a readily accessible audit trail

-Building a culture of continuous improvement, based on accurate KPIs

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