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Verity Solutions | Your True Partner for 340B Program Management [Video]

Company Background

 Since 2002, Verity Solutions has maintained an exemplary HRSA audit track record while partnering with covered entities to stretch scarce resources, foster compliance, respond to changing regulations, and optimize drug cost savings through the 340B drug discount program. Verity Solutions is a privately-held corporation based in Kirkland, Washington, with remote employees stationed across the nation to best serve our widespread customer base. 

Product Overview 

Verity Solutions simplifies the complex process of maintaining 340B program compliance resulting in critical 340B cost savings for our customers. Our people and 340B solutions work together to help covered entities optimize their 340B savings and safeguard ongoing compliance and audit readiness. Our comprehensive solutions for split billing, contract pharmacy, specialty contract pharmacy, compliance management, purchase analytics, and pharmacy network management (VHUB™) all offer: 

• Agile Software Platform: Built and deployed with security, performance, scalability, ease-of-use, fault-tolerance, and agility as primary goals. 

• Intuitive Application: Designed with our users in mind, we maintain ongoing feedback and collaboration with our clients. This collaboration steers our continual software and services development. 

• Responsive Support: Designated account managers provide focused support, training, audit readiness, and regular business reviews to maximize your 340B program success and help you maintain compliance. 


• Over 98% customer retention rate. 

• 80% of our customer support cases resolved within two hours. 

• 60-90 day implementation time. 

• Access to test environment before and after live implementation. 

• Software updates every two weeks driven by customer feedback, regulatory changes, and user needs. 

Features & Options

 Verity 340B® Split Billing 

• Automatic split of replenishment orders into as many accounts as needed (340B, WAC, GPO, etc.) to meet your unique needs. 

• Works with all major wholesale vendor order-entry and covered entity information systems. 

• Supports HRSA and manufacturer audits and tracks all 340B purchases from multiple vendors. • Matches pharmaceutical usage with wholesale order quantities to optimize savings. 

• Innovative features such as Medicaid management tools with acquisition cost billing, orphan drug management, and central distribution support. 

Verity 340B® Contract Pharmacy 

• Detailed reports and dashboards for a complete, audit-ready view into program performance and activity. 

• Managed and automated 340B replenishment, including tools to enable retail pharmacy self-orders, minimizing costly inventory swell. 

• No “true-ups” – no fees are exchanged until full package is replaced. 

• Integrated tools for referral capture, with no-risk opt-in functionality and the ability to sort by value, provider, referral claims, and more to make it easy to act where you benefit the most. In addition to our core solutions, Verity Solutions offers optional services that can add value to your existing 340B program as standalone options, regardless of which third party administrator you use: 

Verity 340B® Compliance Manager 

A web-based solution with quick and simple set-up which stores your 340B program documentation and provides tools for you to fulfill your self-audit requirements. 

Verity 340B® Purchase Analytics 

A cloud-based solution that provides tools to identify the optimal NDC mix for significant savings opportunities, with an average savings of 10- 13% of total drug spend. 


“The system drives outcomes. We see those outcomes in the money we are saving by using this product … I am surprised Verity Solutions doesn’t charge twice as much. Just the savings in one dose of one drug pays for our whole monthly fee … I have recommended and would continue to recommend this product.” — Manager, April 2019 

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