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CPS Partnerships Empower Hospitals and Health Systems

CPS partnerships empower hospitals and health systems to advance the standard of care by elevating the performance capabilities of their pharmacy leaders and teams.

Company Background

Founded more than 50 years ago, CPS Solutions, LLC (CPS) forms partnerships with healthcare leaders and their teams to achieve excellence by elevating their clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance standards. CPS helps healthcare leaders and decision-makers tackle complex problems through a tailored suite of solutions. With services that are both robust and scalable, CPS partner hospitals leverage expertise and proprietary technologies to drive performance and address their unique coverage gaps. More than 2,500 CPS healthcare professionals serve over 800 partner locations through leadership in inpatient pharmacy management and consulting, specialty and ambulatory pharmacy, 340B, telepharmacy, supply chain and materials management, and PT/OT/ST rehabilitation.

Product Overview

CPS helps hospitals and health systems identify and fill critical performance gaps, improve performance, and mitigate risk — all while serving hospital leadership in achieving their strategic vision for producing the best possible experience for patients and staff. CPS partnerships focus on delivering value-added solutions that assist providers in achieving a best-in-class culture while fostering indispensable, long-term relationships.

Product Lines

CPS Pharmacy Management and Consulting Solutions: CPS Pharmacy Management and Consulting Solutions provide robust support for hospital leaders seeking to transform their pharmacies into centers of excellence. With deep resources, proprietary technologies, and decades of experience, CPS resource solutions are supported by subject matter experts who generate transformational improvement and yield measurable ROI. Each partnership brings tailored services to meet the unique needs of each site while prioritizing their top initiatives, such as cost savings, regulatory compliance, waste mitigation, and antimicrobial stewardship. CPS emphasizes collaboration to position healthcare leaders to realize their vision of success.

CPS TELEpharmacy: Delivers seamless 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year remote licensed pharmacy support to provide local pharmacy teams with additional supportive operational bandwidth. Remote order entry and verification provides support via HIPAA-compliant connections to help with processing, entry, and verification of incoming orders. Readmission-focused transitions of care supports existing admission, discharge, and follow-up care routines. Telepharmacy solutions have been proven to reduce readmissions, lower costs, and improve clinical outcomes. CPS’ telepharmacy solution serves organizations nationwide by enabling their in-house pharmacy teams to meet various challenges, including staffing shortages, patient surges, and cost reductions.

CPS 340B Solutions: A leader in 340B program compliance since inception in 1992, the CPS 340B Solutions team partners with covered entities to help them optimize their programs. CPS supports covered entities in achieving compliance while maintaining audit preparedness. CPS 340B Optimization guides covered entities as they strive to make the most of their program via improved referral capture, program expansion, identification of purchasing opportunities, and more.

CPS Rehabilitation Services: Brings a patient-focused, data-driven approach for departments seeking to improve performance and outcomes. With an emphasis on compliance and operational efficiency, the CPS Rehabilitation Services team delivers excellence while exceeding expectations to delivering operational excellence through physical, occupational, speech rehabilitation and management services.

CPS Supply Chain Solutions: Guides materials management in helping facilities achieve new levels of quality and performance through a range of value-added services. CPS leverages proprietary software to maintain visibility to performance via real-time cost savings monitoring, department goal tracking, KPI benchmarking, and vigilance to upcoming contract renewals. CPS positions materials management teams for success through collaboration with supply chain partners to mitigate shortages and other critical issues.

Azina: A division of CPS, Azina helps hospitals and health systems transform their specialty and ambulatory care at the local level while driving revenue and improving patient outcomes. With the TherigySMT software solution, Azina is well-positioned as a leader in the specialty and ambulatory industry. Through Azina, CPS offers clients solutions that cover the entire continuum of care, revolutionizing specialty and ambulatory pharmacy solutions by driving substantially lower costs, new sources of revenue, better patient outcomes, and healthier patients.

Contact CPS

CPS empowers healthcare organizations through beneficial partnerships that help leaders propel their sites forward. CPS supports hospitals to achieve operational excellence, drive clinical quality, attain continuous regulatory compliance, and improve bottom-line performance — all while supporting staff, caregivers, and patients. For more information,  visit

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