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A Cloud-Base Portal that Transforms Pharmacies

Portals are the entry into a digital experience. When pharmacies choose LifeFile, they receive a feature-rich experience that provides reliability, exceptional customer service, and efficiencies that reduce risks and costs. 

LifeFile’s system is the operational powerhouse for many of the largest compounding pharmacies in the U.S. Their cloud-based system offers four portals: pharmacy, provider, patient, and salesperson use. All provide significant advantages over non-web-based systems. 

The design team tailored the Pharmacy Portal to address the functionality needed for compounding, specialty, and retail pharmacies. 

LifeFile’s Provider Portal is EPCS certified and offers advanced e-prescribing, order tracking, reporting, compliance, and more. 

The Patient Portal sets a new patient expectation standard with various services that dramatically increase patient control and convenience. 

Pharmacy management receives a Sales Portal equipped with the tools to manage, track, evaluate, and compensate internal and external sales teams. 

All portal comes with easy software installations, secure remote access, and fast workflow changes capabilities.


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