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Clean Harbors — OneContainer

Clean Harbors

OneContainer®, The Solution to Prevent Pharmaceutical Waste from Winding Up Here.

Simple. No worries. The highest level of technology.  

Best of all — full compliance.  

Clinicians simply put both the non-hazardous and the RCRA hazardous pharmaceutical waste in the same black container.* Clean Harbors, the largest hazardous waste incineration company in North America, will pickup, transport and dispose your pharmaceutical waste, while keeping you fully compliant. We handle every step of the process. Because we own several proprietary incinerators, we do not require the same segregation as other providers. 

Are you prepared for changes to subpart P in the EPA’s hazardous pharmaceutical regulations? Ensuring compliance with waste segregation protocols can be difficult, both to train and enforce, putting your facility at risk for non-compliance.

* Due to DOT regulations, there are certain waste items that must be collected separately.

For more information: 855.MED.WSTE (633.9783) or,

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