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Prudential Cleanroom Supply: Pricing Commitment & Cost Guarantee

Prudential Overall Supply, a leading company in the reusable textile industry, proudly announced that it is honoring its customer pricing commitments despite today’s extraordinary inflation pressure.

Prudential’s President Chris Welch comments, “As current supply chains are strained and both labor and inventories are limited, our Company is faced with pricing pressure across the board.  Though some competitors in our industry surrender to these inflationary pressures by arbitrarily raising prices, Prudential has chosen to hold firm on the pricing commitments we have made to our customers.”

Mr. Welch continues, “The price guarantee, given by our Chairman Dan Clark, is not taken lightly by our Company and we intend to honor this commitment.  We believe keeping our word today will resonate with our existing and prospective customers when they consider who they want to partner their business with in the future.”

Check out our various price integrity practices that guarantee our prices won't be affected by market changes:

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