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ScriptPro’s End-to-End Pharmacy Solutions Power the Business of Pharmacy

ScriptPro’s game-changing pharmacy automation and software technology improve accuracy, advance patient care, and raise operational performance.

Company Background

ScriptPro is a technology company founded in 1994, with corporate headquarters in the Kansas City area.

The company’s initial product, the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System, pioneered the use of robotics in community pharmacies. Today, ScriptPro’s innovative, end-to-end pharmacy automation and management system products have revolutionized pharmacy operations. 

ScriptPro solutions drive the success of thousands of independent, chain, hospital, supermarket, and government pharmacies around the world.

Product Overview

ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail pharmacy operations — promoting safe and effective medication use and adherence, including support for specialty pharmacy services, high-risk/high-cost medications, 340B dispensing, and third-party financial management.

ScriptPro’s comprehensive, integrated platform was founded on safety, accuracy, and accountability. Our solutions are carefully engineered to organize and drive workflow, save time, and increase profits. With ScriptPro, pharmacists can participate in their patients’ healthcare at the highest levels, as well as cultivate new revenue streams and offer expanded services that meet the needs of the ever-evolving pharmacy industry.

Features & Options

• Advanced Vial-Filling Robotics 

ScriptPro launched the first fully robotic prescription dispensing system in 1994. It became the gold standard for reliability, longevity, and ROI. That standard still holds true today. Our state-of-the-art line of robotic systems supports vial filling, medication pouch/blister packaging, and automated will call and inventory management.

ScriptPro robots transform your practice — improving accuracy and safety, patient care, and operational performance. Let a ScriptPro robot fill 30% to 60% of your daily prescription volume, giving you and your pharmacy staff valuable time to expand patient care and create new revenue services. 

• Medication Pouch Packaging Solutions

ScriptPro’s medication pouch packaging technology is a complete workflow solution that includes a suite of highly efficient and accurate packaging and detection machines, intelligent tray management with RFID tracking, imaging stations for building a medication library, intuitive review and audit software, cameras for safe pouch repair, and an entire line of winders to streamline pouch processing.

• Fully Automated Will Call and Inventory Management

Safety. Accountability. Security. ScriptPro’s Storage and Retrieval System (SRS) provides pharmacies with the most advanced will call and inventory management solution in the industry. A single SRS can automatically store prescription will call bags within its secure cabinet while occupying a very modest footprint. By using barcode controls while storing items, SRS saves time and worry by efficiently retrieving the correct prescription(s) for the waiting patient, eliminating the hassle of searching through racks of hanging bags and any concerns of the patient going home with the wrong medications. Because the enclosed cabinet eliminates open access to prescriptions in will call storage, SRS extends the chain of control over medications until they are dispensed to the patient.

• Integrated Workflow Software

ScriptPro Workflow System provides centralized prescription and data processing for ScriptPro’s integrated robotic and workflow solutions. Track 100% of the prescriptions in your pharmacy — whether robotically or manually filled. Gain real-time access to the “who, what, when, where, and why” of every prescription you process. Order management is streamlined with ScriptPro Workflow’s unique ability to group an order by patient or drug. Barcode controls ensure increased safety and dispensing accuracy. The system stores prescription processing data and electronic signatures for dispensing. HIPAA compliance forms are provided, and all electronic signatures can be easily retrieved. ScriptPro Workflow efficiently handles exceptions, tracks authorizations, and batches prescriptions. Inventory and will call management are streamlined, while detailed reporting provides operational insight to maximize staff productivity and support superior patient services.

• Real-Time 340B. No Gimmicks.

340B is complicated and requires an automated, intelligent 340B engine that qualifies and processes prescription data — and delivers real-time accuracy today, not tomorrow. That’s what ScriptPro’s 340B Management Package can do for you. Constant analytics monitor and clean data to ensure compliance and program integrity. Maximize profits, minimize paperwork, and streamline workflow by automating everything you need to fill, track, order, and maintain compliance when processing prescriptions from multiple inventories.

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