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Introducing the Latest in Adherence Pouch Packaging Technology — The Axial® by Euclid® Medical Products

The Axial® Multi/Unit Dose Packaging System will help you enhance medical synchronization and adherence, increase pharmacy efficiency, and make your patients’ lives less complicated.

Company Background

Euclid® Medical Products is a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality, efficient multi/unit dose packaging and barcoding systems. By manufacturing our own equipment, we provide superior products built to stand the test of time with the updated features needed by today’s pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and third-party repackagers.

Product Overview

The Problem of Medication Adherence — Solved Patients today are experiencing a tremendous burden with increasing demands of medical adherence amidst mounting prescriptions. Many of the medications they are being issued need to be taken simultaneously for multiple conditions. It’s the job of pharmacies to help lighten that load and make things simpler for the ones they serve. 

We understand the difficulty and the responsibility. That’s why we designed the Axial. 

This new multi/unit dose pouch packager is an effective way to ensure patients stay compliant with all of their prescribed medications 12 months out of the year. This latest machine has been shown repeatedly to help pharmacies enhance medical synchronization and adherence, and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

Features & Options

Two Models

144/352 Cannisters

Speeds up to 65 Packages Per Minute

Package and Replenish Cannisters at the Same Time

RFID “Smart Cannisters”

Built-in Dehumidifier

Quiet Operation

Packaging Materials (Class A) Contain Technology That Provides Fast Easy Opening

Provides 300 DPI Thermal Transfer Printing and can Produce Linear and 2D Barcodes

MyMeds+® Marketing Tool Kit Available


“ I was set on pouch packaging, but so many machines are a huge size and large financial investment. Conway’s wasn’t going to be able to handle that big of a piece of machinery with such a high price tag. Euclid was perfect for me. Its small footprint, lower cost, and high packaging capabilities were just what my pharmacy needed. Independent pharmacists need to know that you don’t need to spend an obscene amount of money to implement pouch packaging. Euclid has a phenomenal product here for a great price and size that makes it the  best investment.”

—  Denise Conway, Conway’s Pharmacy Mount Vernon, OH

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