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UAMS College of Pharmacy Switches to CORE ELMS for APPE and IPPE externship management

UAMS College of Pharmacy Switches to CORE ELMS.

“The main reason we moved to CORE was for ease of use. We were previously using another product but we weren’t satisfied. The report generation system of the old product didn’t meet our needs, and I also didn’t like how you would have to go into 10 different tabs for everything. I was lucky enough to be traveling to another institution and the Experiential Dean there introduced me to CORE. I really liked the platform and how easy it was for me to get in there and start using it.

I loved the layout of CORE and how easy that made it to use. During our transition to CORE, the client support team made it very easy. They set timelines for me, told me what they needed from our team and our old system to build our setup within CORE. They really helped me learn and understand what I needed to do in order to be familiar with the system, and launch the product live for our students. We have had nothing but great experiences with CORE. ” 

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