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How does ProxsysRx keep 340B clients compliant?

ProxsysRx optimizes hospitals’ 340B savings & revenue, while keeping them in complete compliance.

If your hospital is 340B-eligible, you may be missing-out on millions of dollars in retail and specialty prescription reimbursements. Savings and revenue which, for some hospitals ProxsysRx serves, literally make the difference between solvency and closure.

If the idea of saving millions sounds overstated, consider this: A single refill of Humira prescribed and not applied for 340B reimbursement will cost an eligible hospital roughly $1200 more than it can, and should, legally pay.

How does ProxsysRx keep 340B clients compliant?

First and most importantly, they know every prescription drug that’s 340B eligible — and they maintain a constantly-updated database to keeps clients compliant at all times.

Second, ProxsysRx maintains a policy of optimizing 340B savings that’s both aggressive and conservative. Which is to say that they aggressively pursue 340B savings for every prescription that’s worth pursuing; after all, some prescriptions are simply too low-cost at market rates to justify the effort needed to generate nominal savings.

At the same time, by keeping detailed electronic records on every 340B-eligible prescription a health system and its outpatient pharmacy network fills, ProxsysRx can instantly produce all the evidence any hospital would ever need to address an unfounded non-compliance citation.

How can ProxsysRx optimize your health system’s 340B savings & revenue?

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