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Saving Time Matters

Does it take more than 10 minutes to track down a prescription? It shouldn't. With ScriptPro, it can take less than 10 seconds. This increased efficiency allows pharmacies and healthcare systems to process more prescriptions every hour, increasing revenue.

ScriptPro automation is cost-effective, dependable, and space-efficient, allowing you to free up staff to focus on serving patients and growing your business.


As patient care progresses from inpatient to outpatient and long-term care settings, more sophisticated systems with robotics are needed. ScriptPro advances operations, medication therapy, and patient services. Robotics perfect the workflow by packaging medications the way patients want to use vials, pouches, or blisters. 

The medication pouch packaging system is a powerful addition that improves patient safety and prescription dispensing. It's reliable and ready to serve from day one. From the point of entry to the point of sale, ScriptPro is the unified platform of intelligent tech solutions to run entire pharmacy operations. 

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