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Take Your Pharmacy to the Customer


Take your pharmacy to the customer. Placing your pharmacy in local manufacturers, office buildings, campuses, anywhere the customer needs you. Simply place a box and start delivering. Employee success begins with wellness, learn how here!

Increase employee satisfaction and improve the bottom line. Employee success begins with wellness.

In partnership with your local community pharmacy, your employee's no longer need to stop by the pharmacy on the way home. Their Rx's and even OTC products are delivered safely and securely right where they are.

Safe, Secure, & Convenience RX & OTC options for your employees:

- Saving 100's of man hours per month with Pharmacy delivery

- Improving adherence for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or chronic allergies

- Fewer medical claims equal lower insurance premiums

- Great for 2nd & 3rd shift or flexible hours

- Show your employees your appreciation

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