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Advantage Noritsu

Imagine gaining productivity in your pharmacy while allowing for more customer services and more versatility and efficiency in operations. Pharmacies and health systems gain these advantages with the NexusRx software suite. This solution is the heart of all of the Noritsu automation systems. 

Noritsu built partnerships with long-term care pharmacies, central fill pharmacies, and community pharmacies. They all benefit from pharmacy automation and a streamlined workflow. Whether it's unit-dose or multi-dose packaging, Noritsu has pharmacy automation and robots that are proven to increase productivity and patient safety.


Neil Medical achieved a 20 to 25 percent improvement in medication dispensing accuracy with Noritsu. The experts at Noritsu can analyze your current workflow and provide recommendations for improvements and efficiencies.

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation has a diverse portfolio of products and an award-winning nationwide service team. Service and support are provided in-house, ensuring prompt and knowledgeable service.

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