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Engineering a Safer Environment

Pharmacists face risks when compounding pharmaceuticals, such as product contamination and hazardous material exposure. Creating a safe industrial work environment is critical for product integrity and adhering to USP 797/800.

Esco manufactures high-quality drug-compounding engineering equipment to develop safe medication, complying with industrial, environmental, and health and safety standards.

For the sterile non-hazardous category, Esco offers the Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet. Models include:

• LHG (Horizontal): General compounding

• LVG (Vertical): Put large machine inside

For non-sterile hazardous, Esco developed a Powder Weighing Station with Ducting. Models include:

• PW1 (Compact): Single exhaust HEPA

• ADC (Full-sized): Double exhaust HEPA

For sterile hazardous, Esco has the Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet with Ducting. Models include:

• AC2 (Compact): Low ceiling, Mobile labs

• LA2 (Full-sized): Best comfort & safety

Esco Lifesciences equipment has engineering features that set them apart from brands in the same price range.


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