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The Axial®: Empowering Healthier Results

For healthcare providers looking to deliver higher quality patient care while remaining competitive in their industry, The Axial® Multi/Unit-Dose Pouch Packaging Machine is here to help you work more efficiently, improve the lives of your patients and maximize the revenue of your facility.

The instant healthcare providers arrive at work their time is in demand. They are responsible for the safety of their patients and for delivering non-stop quality care, while also juggling a large number of other tasks associated with their role. This can be stressful and sometimes lead to accuracy issues and even burnout.

Patients are struggling too. Many are dealing with an increasing number of prescriptions, creating an overwhelming pill burden that can complicate their daily lives and make it difficult to remain adherent with their medication.

Euclid is intensely focused on providing the most advanced pill packaging solutions that help alleviate these struggles...

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