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High Quality SAI Therapeutics Brands (Surgical Appliance Industries) From PDM Healthcare

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PDM Healthcare maintains a long-term purchasing agreement with SAI Therapeutics Brands (Surgical Appliance Industries) including the extensive TruForm, OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Personal Care Products/PCP, Touch, and Champion line of elastic braces and supports.

Truform stockings are carefully designed and manufactured to provide maximum therapeutic support without sacrificing great looks and wearing comfort. The combination of technology and knitting know-how produces socks, stockings and pantyhose that will allow users to feel and look great.

Meanwhile, the TOUCH compression socks offer a snug, stylish fit, providing fashionable support that feels as good as it looks.  The material perfectly fits the contours of the foot and leg, offering firm flexibility and support for daily activities. 

The OTC Professional Orthopaedic program is built on the best mix of products that are designed and engineered for therapeutic performance and patient comfort and specifically targeted to meets the needs of the everyday active consumers, the younger fitness-oriented consumer with a self-care orientation; and the occupational injury consumer.

PCP products are designed for home health use and dignified, personal in-home care. A full complement of accessories for the house, bed and bath allows for convenient home convalescence.

The Champion line is designed for good support, wearing comfort and correct fit, specifically targeted to meet the needs of everyday active, fitness-oriented, and occupational injury consumers.  Champion Health & Sport Supports are specifically intended to support hard-working muscles and joints, to help speed recovery, and to relieve the discomfort associated with strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal disorders.  Champion Health & Sport Supports offers hundreds of products in categories such as lower extremity (knee, ankle), upper extremity (elbow, wrist, and hand), and truncal supports, (lower back, rib belts, binders). 

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