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Gain a Competitive Edge with SCRIPTWI$E Business Intelligence and Cash BIN Programs



For pharmacies who want to truly maximize profitability while improving patient care and enhancing prescriber relations, our SCRIPTWI$E Business Intelligence and Cash BIN programs give you an even greater competitive edge.

Dispensing Trend Analysis
Analysis of dispensing trends and store-specific insights and strategy recommendations help you become even more profitable.

Prescriber & Patient Engagement
We take the guesswork out of improving patient retention, increasing prescriber loyalty, and identifying lost opportunities to help you recapture them.

Cash BIN & Rebate Processing
Whether your prescription volume for cash-paying customers is 5%, 25%, or higher, Rx Linc’s Cash BIN creates additional revenue through quarterly rebates. Rx Linc’s SCRIPTWI$E Cash BIN is an integrated program that allows cash transactions to be easily captured within your software system. We file the cash claims on your behalf and distribute rebates back to your pharmacy.

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