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Following the Patient Through Post-Acute Pharmacy Services

Changes to reimbursement and rising healthcare costs are driving the decentralization of care away from the hospital to other care settings. In response, health systems are challenging their pharmacies to follow patients across the continuum of care.

Owning and servicing Skilled Nursing Facilities enables providers to positively impact transitions of care with the country’s substantial aging population. By managing the medication distribution process in these facilities, hospitals can improve medication adherence and work to reduce 30-day re-admissions.

Through investments in automation, these health system pharmacies are able to extend their reach without straining existing staff. The InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System enables this model by acting as a pharmacy on site, ensuring medication availability and improving the quality of care delivery.

For hospital pharmacies serving skilled nursing facilities, only in-facility packaging and dispensing enables the capture of additional short-cycle dispensing fees and ensures medication adherence throughout transitions of care. 

Storing up to 240 different medication types in a single unit, the InSite System extends the reach of the pharmacy—dispensing pharmacist-approved, on-demand medication 24/7/365. By increasing access to medications, facilities can shorten the time to administration, while minimizing pharmacy labor.

Medication Security: Restricts access to stored medications with password protection and locking metal doors

High-Speed Packaging: Packages up to 60 doses per minute with a broad variety of sorting options

Access & Efficiency: The average InSite canister holds about 300 doses and can be filled and processed in roughly the same time it takes to create a single 30-day blister pack. 

Safety: Supports an Automatic Canister Recognition System (ACRS) for added convenience and packaging accuracy

Inventory Management: Allows automatic inventory monitoring as well as lot and expiration tracking 

Training Videos: Concise “how to” videos help nursing staff use the machine independently. 

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