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InSite® System In-Facility Medication Packager Specifications

The InSite* System features powerful software and durable hardware components, designed to improve the control and efficiency of your medication, packaging, delivery, storage and dispensing process. Our automated system will improve access to medication, reduce the time needed to prepare for daily medication passes, reduce mediation waste and helps clinicians improve medication safety.

The InSite System automates up to 240 oral solid medications in a single, in-facility medication packaging unit and allows for user-defined, patient-specific labels on each dose packaged. The system is compact and easy-to-use, and can recognize priority orders for immediate packaging. The user-friendly touch screen interface provides directed workflow to improve overall efficiency.


InSite Enterprise Software is efficient, easy-to-use, and provides workflow guidance to help prevent medication errors. It enables real-time integration with your current pharmacy management system and helps ensure stored medications are accessed by the right facility staff, packaged for a specific patient, and tracked at delivery. The following workflows are supported: Routine Dispense, New Orders, PRNs, Re-Dispense, Leave of Absence, and e-Kit Request.

ACRS-II Chip The Automatic Canister Recognition System 

(ACRS) uses an installed chip to establish a unique identifier for each canister. InSite looks for the pharmacistchecked medication identifier, not the canister location, so the canisters can be placed in any open InSite packaging position. ACRS improves safety by helping to eliminate errors. 

Features & Benefits

— Minimize medication waste

— Precise control and access

— Precise control and access

— Automated barcoding of oral solid medication


Storage Capacity:

240 Canisters

Canister Type and Number:

Short: 120  Tall: 80  Tall-Extended: 40

Note: Canister size is determined by the medication dimensions. Short canisters may be used in Tall or Tall-Extended locations.


Max Packaging Speed: Multi-Dose: 50 packets/min Package Size: 70x75mm

Customizable Lines of Print: 19 Lines

Package Printing: Thermal Transfer

Tablet Detection System: Infrared Beam Detection System


Without Canisters: 1200 lbs / With Canisters: 1440 lbs

System Requirements:

Power: 120V/60Hz, 20 AMP Circuit, NEMA Dedicated, 200W (Max 900W) per unit

Operating Temperature: Conform to the USP Guidelines as stated in the USP 32 General Notice & Requirements 

10.30.60 Controlled Room Temperatures

Humidity Range: 10% to 80%, non-condensing Altitude Range: Sea level to 6561ft (2,000m) Connectivity: RJ45 10-100-1000

Compliance Note: FCC 47 Part 15, Subpart B ETL Certification (complies w/UL).

Additional certificates as needed

Swisslog Healthcare 

At Swisslog Healthcare, we strive to lead change for better care. At the core of this vision is a focus on improving workflows and reducing the time clinicians spend doing repetitive tasks—enabling more time to care for patients and residents. Our solutions and services extend across the continuum of care, including transport, medication and supply chain management for long-term care facilities, consolidated service centers, hospitals and health systems.

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