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Trilogy: The Whole Package

For medical waste pickup and disposal, Healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities turn to Trilogy MedWaste where they: 

Pay a monthly fee that includes red bags and sharps waste.

Choose from seven different service frequencies.

Never receive surcharges or hidden fees.

With Trilogy’s online OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Program, clients receive:

Unlimited training for all employees.

Fourteen healthcare-industry speci¬fic training courses.

SDS, federal regulations, and ICD-10 database.

Safety plan builder and gap analysis tool.

Trilogy is a verified federal contractor with the U.S. government and services institutions, large hospital systems, and other large quantity waste generators. They deliver environmental services in a clinical manner with budget-protected pricing. This localized friendly service is backed by the strength of a nationwide company with the resources to offer uncompromising service.


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