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Pharmacy Math Skills Offerings

Pharmacy Math Skills Offerings

There are 3 educational and competency offerings related to Pharmacy Math Skills

- Pharmacy Math Skills eLearning Course

- Pre-Employment Math-Screen™

- Employee Competency Verification Math-Screen™

Pharmacy Math Skills eLearning Course

This course develops fundamental math skills during 8 lessons that incorporate practical examples from pharmacy work-settings. After each lesson, a secure web-based exam is administered. Successful participants may print their certificate of completion immediately. This offering may benefit certain pharmacists, technicians and students who need to build a sound math skills framework, essential to successful pharmacy practice.

Lessons include:

- Introduction to Pharmacy Calculations

- Basic Math Concepts: Roman Numerals, Fractions and Decimals

- Basic Math Concepts: Ratios, Proportions and Percents

- Percents and Concentrations

- Measurement Systems

- Calculations Required for Dosing

- Building Proficiency in Calculations for Dilution and Reconstitution

- Building Proficiency in Sterile Compounding Calculations

Pre-Employment Math-Screen™

Pharmacies can administer this test to prospective employees to evaluate math skills and compare potential employees. The 50 questions sample all math skill content areas and results are printed for record-keeping.

Employee Competency Verification Math-Screen™

Pharmacies can use this 80 item tool to perform regular math proficiency verifications. Questions are pulled at random from a test bank of 150 validated items so each test is different. Customers who opt for this product also get the Pre-Employment Math-Screen.™ This product is also useful to assist with PTCB preparation.

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