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Getting to Yes

No room for error. No time for second-guessing. And no lapse in performance.


ARxIUM ensures pharmacists managers do not experience any of these “no” items via their Pharmacy 4.0 approach that offers best-in-class pharmacy automation technologies. This proprietary methodology seamlessly converges clinical pharmacy, central production, and automation advancements into fully automated, interactive data processes


Pharmacies receive an integrated workflow, inventory management, and fulfillment system, resulting

in lower costs, improved safety protocols, and increased operational efficiencies.


ARxIUM offers health systems, hospitals, long-term care, retail, and government pharmacies solutions. ARxIUM is the developer of the only fully automated IV compounding system today and offers automated packaging, dispensing, vial filling, and high-volume systems.


This is not a one-size-fits-all solution because ARxIUM understands each pharmacy has its nuances. The engineers at ARxIUM take great pride in assessing workflow and designing and implementing automation that improves operations and results in a “Yes, this is great” from clients.  


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