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Efficiency at Every Step in Cold Chain Management

Hospitals must minimize the risk of blood product waste with AABB Standards-Compliant solutions. Blood centers need to preserve fragile blood supplies with easy-to-deploy pre-qualified shippers. And specialty pharmacies want to simplify direct-to-patient delivery with cost-effective, multipurpose cooler systems.

MaxQ takes a scientific approach to innovating thermal packaging, so their life-sciences clients achieve their goals. The team designed the packaging to keep blood, medication, vaccines, and medical devices at the proper temperature range while transported across town or around the globe.

A proper cold chain needs to consider a range of factors, including the climate and season of where that product is going. Every step in the cold chain process follows exemplary packout protocols. 

MAX-Q is revolutionizing the transportation of temperature-sensitive biologics and blood products, eclipsing existing safety, efficiency, and total value methods.


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