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More Than Just a Claims Switch

More than just a claims switch

We offer a reliable network and dedicated team with 24/7 support to ensure successful claims processing, claims capturing, and claims adjudication for pharmacies and other organizations who need support for managing claims.

Our high-speed claims transaction network connects pharmacies to third-party payers across the country. But we’re more than a technology provider. Our team has extensive experience working in the pharmacy industry, and we understand the unique needs of our customers for a reliable industry partner to meet the needs of their pharmacy operation.

We’re here for you with reliable claims processing plus pre and post edit programs, electronic co-pay assistance, and so much more.

• Two geographically distinct locations for our data centers for network redundancy.

• Range of connectivity options to meet your needs.

• Options to interface with many leading pharmacy management systems.

• Quick identification of third-party payer issues using proprietary claims traffic monitoring.

• Pre and post edits to minimize errors and maximize reimbursement.

• E-voucher programs to diversify revenue opportunities.

Want to learn more about Rx Linc or discuss how our services can help your pharmacy? Contact us today.

(800) 380-7435

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