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Not Your Ordinary CBD Products! — imbue botanicals [VIDEO]

CBD Raw Honey and Supplement Tinctures

Our unique honey tinctures are the result of a collaborative effort between Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary, and Imbue Botanicals. We start with our exceptionally high-quality RAW honey, naturally rich in antioxidants which can help improve blood pressure, and lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Then combine it with our Colorado grown, proprietary CBD, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids for an unbeatable combination. The 5 imaginative flavors and immune-boosting natural supplements are carefully crafted to deliver maximum efficacy and truly outstanding taste. They provide:

Exceptional blends of flavors and added supplements for varying needs

The health benefits of high quality raw honey

500 mg of Full Spectrum Organic Colorado grown CBD

Unique “window design” packaging which allows customers to view the intriguing colors of the various honey tinctures

NOT your ordinary CBD products!

At Imbue, we’ve always strived to create the finest, most clinically efficacious CBD products available. Now we’ve added 2 new product lines with extraordinary potential to create new sales opportunities and improve the overall health of your patients!

For samples or more information call 844-864-6283

CBD Dental Products

Finally, an all-natural, comprehensive CBD Oral Product Line, designed by leading industry professionals for exceptional oral health. Natural products without fluoride combined with the benefits of organically grown Colorado CBD. A collaborative effort between leaders in the periodontal and compounding pharmacy fields that have for years been formulating products that truly make an impact in the management of periodontal disease and Imbue Botanicals, these products are a true step forward in daily oral care. 

CBD Mint Toothpaste

Our fluoride-free, great tasting mint toothpaste is formulated with hydroxyapatite to help strengthen enamel, and our proprietary, Full Spectrum CBD. 

No artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives

All natural with 300 mg of organically sourced proprietary Colorado grown CBD

Helps strengthen enamel

Freshens breath and leaves your mouth with a natural, clean feeling

CBD Mint Mouthwash and Oral Rinse

Our unique fluoride-free mouthwash and oral rinse is specially formulated for a fresh, minty taste combined with powerful 442 mg per bottle of Full Spectrum CBD 

No artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives

All natural with organically sourced proprietary Colorado grown CBD

Freshens breath and leaves your mouth with a natural, clean feeling

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