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How ProxsysRx Pharmacy Tracks Outpatient Medication Compliance For Better Outcomes After Discharge

It’s no secret that when pharmacies effectively improve outpatient medication compliance, post-discharge, the impact on outcomes can be profound. Moreover, by significantly reducing readmissions, pharmacies can dramatically improve hospitals’ value-based healthcare performance ratings.

That leads to a key question: Which is more effective for tracking and ensuring outpatient medication compliance: Patient-Tracking Apps or Personal Contact? In our experience, there’s no question that the latter tactic is far more effective.

Online studies indicate that medication management software can increase compliance.  However, those studies also indicate that more than half of smartphone users refuse to use apps — largely due to concerns that their personal information will be compromised. 

ProxsysRx’s follow-up calling program involves multiple steps — including 1) assistance in making any necessary appointments, 2) thoroughly discussing prescription protocols, to ensure patients and their caregivers understand their own responsibilities, and 3) ensuring there are no potential interactions with patients’ existing medications. Our program calls for ten “touches” during the first 30 days post-discharge.

How effective is the program? Results vary by location, but in one Mississippi-based health system, our outpatient pharmacy filled over 18,000 discharge prescriptions — while managing patient follow-up — in its first 12 months of service. During that time, the hospital’s medication-related readmissions decreased 79.%

How Can ProxsysRx Benefit Your Health System’s Patient-Tracking Goals?

There are so many ways to implement effective patient follow-up programs. For more information, contact Howard Hall. C: 205.588.0946 |

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