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Easily Provide Protection & Protocol Assurance for IV Bags Medications

Tamper Evident Additive Port Caps for IV Bags

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Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Additive Port Caps provide a solid tamper-evident closure that easily enhances medication safety, increases confidence in the integrity of medications, and guards against tampering or misuse.

Guard Your Medications from Pharmacy to Patient

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• Strengthen <797> compliance

• Provide protocol assurance with visual indication medication has been added

• Protects against tampering or misuse

• Simple one-handed installation

• Helps ensure product integrity

Available for

Baxter Viaflex, Intravia, Aviva, All-In-One • Fresenius Kabi FreeFlex • Douglas Medical EcoFlx • B. Braun PAB, E3, Excel

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