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Special Webinar "A Deep Dive Into An AI-Powered Drug Diversion Detection Solution"

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Join us for a deep dive into how an Artificial Intelligence-powered drug diversion surveillance solution can help remove the bias when monitoring and detecting drug diversion at your organization on Thursday, August 25, 2022, at 1 PM EST:

Removing the Bias - A Deep Dive Into An AI-Powered Drug Diversion Detection Solution.

Clinical drug diversion has long plagued healthcare, but it’s being fueled by more factors now:

• A relentless opioid epidemic

• A healthcare industry still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic

• Staff burnout and resulting staffing shortages

• Temporary or traveling staff uneducated or unaware of healthcare organizations’ policies and procedures

However, these trends can introduce a bias into a manual process to monitor, detect, and investigate potential instances of drug diversion.


During this webinar, Holly Conner, Senior Drug Diversion Analyst, Protenus, and Russell Dorsey, Senior Customer Success Manager, will detail sample use cases and demonstrate how AI helps to refine and bring superior accuracy to otherwise manual methods to surface drug diversion.

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