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How can you meet customer demand for speed without sacrificing accuracy and security?

There’s constant tension in running a retail pharmacy because your point of sale is also a point of care. Your pharmacists are clinically focused—filling prescriptions, counseling patients, and administering vaccinations.

But at the corporate level, you’re looking at customer experience from a business perspective. You know that satisfaction drives loyalty, which translates into revenue. And that’s critical as profit margins keep getting slimmer on the prescription side of the business.

What your customers care about most is convenience and speed, but dispensing the right medications and securing controlled substances are extremely important to protecting against risk.

Speed is highly visible, so it’s tempting for your staff to spend the bulk of their energy on quick fulfillment at will-call. To help ensure accuracy, you might tighten policies or use barcode procedures, and for security, you might use a time-delayed safe for controlled substance management.

The reality is you must balance all of these elements since speed, accuracy, and security are all critical to your business. Over focusing on speed will make other priorities suffer as the pharmacy world keeps changing.

What risks does this approach pose to your organization?

• Inserting more policies and procedures can increase customer delays, which impacts their satisfaction and loyalty.

• If controlled substances aren’t secured, you risk not just burglary but also internal diversion.

• If your filing or retrieval procedures lead to customers receiving the wrong medication, your pharmacy could face a host of legal and financial problems


Instead of over-focusing on speed, you need to focus on balanced agility—and that’s about more than speed or accuracy. With BD Pyxis™ RapidRx Solutions, you can balance speed, accuracy, and security without overburdening your staff to provide a better customer experience.

Track the prescription journey. With BD Pyxis™ RapidRx Solutions, you’ll take the filing out of will-call with IntelliCab™ Will Call System, which uses SmartBaskets with RFID technology coupled with software to track a prescription’s exact location. You’ll automate controlled substances transaction logging with the IntelliVault™ Controlled Substance Management System, a single-access system that tracks each prescription per discrete location. And you’ll connect will-call with controlled substance storage because IntelliCab™ System and IntelliVault™ System are connected to work together.

Extend control beyond the safe. With BD Pyxis™ RapidRx Solutions, you can limit access to individual medications with IntelliVault™ System, which reports blind counts for each transaction and flags discrepancies. You’ll make dispensing accuracy automatic with IntelliCab™ System and SmartBaskets that track where a prescription is stored and guide you to the right drawer for pickup. And with SmartBaskets and software, the IntelliVault™ System and IntelliCab™ System establish a complete audit trail.

Automate key steps of the workflow. With BD Pyxis™ RapidRx Solutions, you will shift controlled substances tasks away from pharmacists with the controlled substance management guardrails built into IntelliVault™ System. You’ll reduce the number of steps of the return-to-stock process with IntelliCab™ System, which starts reversing a claim with the push of a button. And you’ll establish systematic structure to prevent human variation with the combined system of IntelliVault™ System and IntelliCab™ System.

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