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BestRx's Integration with Scriptera Adds New Revenue for Independent Pharmacies

We are proud to announce our Pharmacy Management Software is now integrated with Scriptera.

Our new partnership provides BestRx pharmacies with an easy opportunity to increase their revenue by leveraging their own market-level data.

Scriptera started out on a mission to create the most comprehensive and accessible compliance system in the pharmacy industry. As they began to manage data, they quickly realized there were many other ways they could offer support. Now, Scriptera identifies data opportunities for their partners, so they can unlock as many untapped revenue streams as possible. This includes market-level data sales for pharmacies.

“Scriptera is excited to offer our program to BestRx pharmacies. This collaboration not only helps us expand our network, but it opens up new revenue opportunities for independent pharmacies that wouldn’t be attainable on their own,” says Kevin Laxer, CEO of Scriptera Inc. “Moving forward, we will continue to build upon our partnership, creating new and exciting opportunities for pharmacies to flourish and enhance their bottom lines.”

Pharmacies generate valuable market-level data every day. This is information related to a prescription, including: 

     • Medication and prescriber information

     • The date it was prescribed

     • When it was filled

     • The method of payment used

This data is already being bought behind the scenes, whether the pharmacy is aware of it or not. Now, BestRx pharmacies are automatically enrolled in Scriptera’s network, so they can receive their fair share of their pharmacy’s data sales. Plus, participation in the program is free and it requires no additional work from the pharmacy either. In fact, we completely de-identify the pharmacy and patient health information (PHI) before the data is sent to Scriptera. This ensures that only market-level data is potentially being sold. Then, Scriptera works on the pharmacy’s behalf to coordinate the data sales. As sales are made, the pharmacy will begin receiving revenue share for all their data acquisition sales – whether it’s utilized or not. Together, we’re generating a new source of revenue for independent pharmacies.

“From the beginning, BestRx has been focused on identifying ways to help independent pharmacies grow their business,” says Hemal Desai, President of BestRx. “Our partnership with Scriptera allows us to do just that. Now, BestRx pharmacies can add a brand-new revenue stream for their pharmacy, without requiring any additional action on their part.”  

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