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3 Reasons to Go All-In with Your Pharmacy Software

Today, most independent pharmacies are looking to pharmacy management systems and point-of-sale software to streamline their operations. However, some pharmacy owners are opting to start by implementing just the basic functionality – typically due to cost concerns. While you may think you’re doing the right thing by minimizing the financial investment, not to utilizing your software to its fullest capability can cost you more in the long run. Here are three reasons to go-all in with your pharmacy software:

1. The Down Payment & Implementation Process Is the Same

Once you’ve made the decision to use BestRx’s Pharmacy Management Software, the down payment and implementation timeline is the same, regardless of what tier you select. The difference is the monthly service charge associated with either tier, which is minimal, ranging from just $75-$135 more per month. When you look at how much each tier costs per day and consider all the added functionality available in our Standard and Premium tiers, the few extra dollars are well-worth it:

     • BestRx Basic is under $5/day

     • BestRx Standard is about $2 more per day

     • BestRx Premium is only $4 more per day

2. You’ll Receive the Maximum Return on Your Investment

Utilizing BestRx’s Standard or Premium tier automates more than your basic prescription workflows. For the minimal cost difference, you gain access to up to 17 advanced features that can help you:

     • Synchronize & Prioritize Prescription Requests – That way your patients can pick up all their medications at once and you can

       prioritize filling scripts for the patients waiting at your pharmacy, too.

     • Process Prescriptions Around-the-Clock Automatically – AutoProcess with NightTech work behind the scenes in your software,

       automatically processing designated prescription queues, submitting claims to payors and printing labels. This allows you to process

       multiple scripts at once – even after hours.

     • Communicate with Patients Electronically – Using the BestRx Messaging Interface, you can reduce the amount of time spent on

       the phone by sending text and email alerts to patients. This includes refill and pickup reminders, delivery updates and new e-Rx


     • Streamline Your Deliveries – Our advanced tiers also include including multiple shipping integrations (with FedEx, UPS and USPS)

       and a mobile delivery app. This allows you to collect signatures and payments, and securely transmit information back to your

       pharmacy while making deliveries.

     • Provide Comprehensive Treatment Planning – With an advanced tier, you can create custom clinical assessments and complete

       eCare Plans that document and report the enhanced care services you provide with the CPESN network.

     • Manage the Business-Side of Your Pharmacy – Outside of prescription-related tasks, you can also streamline your business

       operations too. This includes the Scheduled Reporting feature, which automatically generates selected reports at your desired

       frequency, delivering them directly to your inbox. Plus, using Employee Time Clock enables your staff to punch in and out directly

       from your software and provides access to shift activity reports to assist with your payroll.


Having access to these advanced features ensures you’re getting the maximum value from your software from day one.

3. Upgrading a little at a time means you’re constantly having to “re-learn” your software.

When you start with the basic software tier with the intention to upgrade your functionality down the road, you’re constantly having to spend time re-learning your software. It is easier to train your staff on all the functionality at once, rather than adding to or changing your workflow in phases. In fact, the longer your staff gets used to a particular workflow, the harder it is to change. To help, BestRx offers multiple convenient ways to learn your software including:

     • A tech manual that’s built into your software

     • Quick Support Program for remote troubleshooting

     • On-demand training videos for you and your staff

     • Responsive customer support that’s just a call (or a few clicks) away

Your team is most open to and engaged in learning new software functionality during the initial implementation. Having them set up their new automated workflow with all the features available to them during that time decreases the learning curve while increasing their acceptance of the new system.

With rising costs, shrinking margins and staff shortages nationwide, it’s more important than ever to automate your daily workflow. The industry is changing, whether you’re ready to or not. Enrolling in a Standard or Premium tier from the beginning ensures you’re operating efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Request a free demo to learn more about all the ways BestRx can help your pharmacy work smarter, not harder.

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