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Meet the Axial®

Patients are struggling with an increasing number of prescriptions, creating an overwhelming pill burden that can complicate their lives and make it challenging to adhere to their medication.

What can pharmacies and hospitals do to address the growing concern of medication adherence? They can choose the Axial® from Euclid Medical Products, the team with the advanced pill packaging solutions who help patients alleviate struggles.

This multi, unit-dose pouch packaging machine efficiently fills patients’ prescriptions and helps increase their adherence, delivering quality patient care and maximizing revenue. 


Better adherence equates to increased sales and reduced DIR fees. And automated medication packaging saves time and money. To that end, Euclid Medical provides an Axial® ROI Calculator to assess potential earnings. Click here for the tool.

Any type and size of pharmacy will find the synchronization and simplification from Axial® a game changer.

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