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Continuing Patient Care During Bedside Discharge and Beyond! [Video]

Continuing patient care during bedside discharge and BEYOND! 

Sure, most of today’s pharmacy specific POS solutions will do the basics. They’ll ring up a prescription, collect electronic signatures, and may even offer ordering with your drug wholesaler. System providers will make you believe that’s all you need. But does that really grow your business, or just get you through the day?

At RMS, we not only do the “basics,” but we go beyond that. We are continually coming up with new ways of using our POS expertise to GROW your business. Features like a robust Loyalty Program, nutrient depletion notifications, mobile point-of-sale technology, intuitive real-time reporting and the flexibility to work with many low-rate merchant services – all with the ability to interface with over 30 different pharmacy management systems.

Contact us today to discuss how RMS can make your life better.

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