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Ideal Returns and Minimized Risk

Analyze clinical volumes and prescription patterns, research past and present records for eligible prescriptions, and review 340B contract pharmacy volumes to maximize returns on agreements.

These are just the start of the capabilities for hospitals and pharmacies with the ProxsysRx 340B offering. 


This company knows every prescription drug that is 340B eligible and maintains a constantly updated database that helps keep every customer compliant at all times. ProxsysRx also keeps detailed electronic records on every prescription of outpatient pharmacy fills.

It doesn't stop there, ProxsysRx optimizes 340B savings for every prescription meriting pursuing because the customer may be missing lost dollars in retail and specialty prescription reimbursements. The resulting savings and revenue can make a difference to the mission-based pharmacies' bottom line.

Pharmacists can relate to this example. A single refill of Humira prescribed and not applied for 340B reimbursement could cost an eligible hospital roughly $1200 more than it should pay. ProxsysRx finds those gaps.

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